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Software as a Service for insurers

Software as a Service for insurers

At Willis Towers Watson we move beyond the traditional approach to Software as a Service (SaaS). Our rich heritage in insurance risk, analytics and technology provides us with unique insights that allow us to offer more than just a service; we deliver a solution tailored to meet the specific needs of insurers.

From the ground up – why move to the cloud?

Watch our Software as a Solution video to discover how SaaS can solve the unique challenges of insurers, plus how our vPlace and vGrid SaaS technologies can help insurers maximize the performance of their analytical and modelling software so they can better respond to industry and business pressures.

Main benefits of SaaS to insurers

  • Improved organisational efficiency and software performance to enable insurers to better respond to regulatory change
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved IT security
  • Enhanced disaster recovery
  • Frees up analysts and actuaries from IT administration so they can focus purely on business critical tasks

Our SaaS solutions

We have developed a range of SaaS solutions for insurers to enable our clients to seize the benefits of the cloud and easily implement an SaaS delivery model to maximize their investment in our market-leading analytical and modeling software.

Willis Towers Watson Media

vPLACE: A one-stop online analytical and modeling workspace to securely host, manage and run Willis Towers Watson software and data online in the cloud. It removes the burden for internal I.T. to install and manage specialized analytical systems and overcomes individual I.T. limitations – providing an integrated, optimised environment created specifically to suit the modeling needs of insurers. Learn more.

Willis Towers Watson Media

vGRID: A virtual cloud-based grid solution offering insurers the ability to scale compute resource to meet their business demands – without the challenge of purchasing, implementing and maintaining on premise I.T. infrastructure. Insurers are then empowered to perform large-scale model-runs in less time, cutting their reporting schedules. Plus, they only pay for the extra resource they use – making it a truly flexible solution. Learn more.


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