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STAR Strategic Asset Allocation Modelling

STAR Strategic Asset Allocation Modelling

Investors can be broadly categorized into two groups: those who expect strong inflows to the fund and are able to hold a long-term view of risk, and those whose aim is to manage the fund to a position where there is a degree of certainty that obligations will be paid without needing to draw down on available funds. The SAA module supports the strategic asset decision for both types:

  • Comparing risk and return characteristics of different allocation strategies side-by-side, over any time horizon.
  • Uses optimization techniques (if needed) to determine optimal portfolios given the funds objectives and constraints.
  • Comprehensive reporting allows risk to be defined in terms of Value at Risk (VaR), Tail VaR, standard deviation, tracking error, shortfall probability or any other customizable measure.
  • Flexibility to specify how the portfolio evolves over time.

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