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Benefits Data Source

At Willis Towers Watson, we know that effective benefit decisions depend on having the best data available from a single, consistent source to minimize the time and complexity of data management.

Benefits Data Source is Willis Towers Watson's global benefit database. Benefits Data Source captures detailed information on employer-sponsored benefit plan design practices in areas such as retirement, health, wellness, death and disability, meals, paid time off and flexible benefits.

Companies can rely on Benefits Data Source as a comprehensive source of high-quality market data to make decisions about competitive positioning and good governance. Benefits Data Source gives you access to a host of benefit information tools and resources, and answers to questions such as:

  • What percentage of companies in my industry have defined benefit pension plans in Brazil, Japan and the U.K.?
  • What is the average company contribution rate to pension plans in Canada, Mexico and Spain?
  • Do companies typically offer supplemental health care plans in China and Italy?
  • What amount of life insurance does a company typically pay for in France, Malaysia and the U.S.?
  • In what countries are wellness programs or flexible benefit programs becoming more typical?

Benefits Data Source builds on our extensive experience in serving both the data and consulting needs of leading companies around the world.

Solutions available

Benefits Data Source offers a variety of benchmarking solutions to help companies with their benchmarking needs.

Benefits Online: Our global subscription-based online application which allows users to query our survey data and view prevalence results. There are two levels of subscriptions available to clients: Standard and Custom. By submitting your data, your company will be provided a complimentary Standard subscription to Benefits Online. Upgrading to a Custom subscription allows more options for creating unique peer groups and comparing your own data in the results.

BenVal: Provides a quantitative-based approach for benchmarking benefit plan design practices against peer companies. BenVal applies a consistent methodology to assess each company’s benefit plan design provisions to produce an objective way to measure the competitiveness of your benefit package offering against peer markets. Read more in the BenVal brochure.

Total remuneration studies: Leveraging from our BenVal approach, we combine data from our compensation and benefit databases to determine the overall value and competitiveness of your total remuneration by job profile.

Executive Retirement Benefit Valuation (U.S. only): Compare the value of your executive retirement benefits to those of your peer companies. The analysis is performed on an aggregate-value basis for your executive group, and includes both qualified and nonqualified retirement benefits. Read more in the Executive Retirement Benefits brochure.


Your contribution to our database will help us deliver the most current and high-quality benefit practice data available. Benefits Data Source will be covering over 125 countries in 2019 (refer to the participation and order form for list of countries).

Participate using our online portal by following these steps:*

  1. Log on to and go to My Account > My Participation. If you have not registered before, you will need to create a new account by clicking here. If you need assistance, simply contact our Benefits Data Source team at
  2. Submit your data by completing and submitting the Benefits Design Practices questionnaires for the selected country. Note that the deadline for submitting your data varies by country.
  3. Place your order. You can submit a participation and order form by email or indicate your order via the website.


* Canada and the U.S. have different procedures for collecting data, participation fees, and terms and conditions.

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