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Confidently manage your benefit and compensation programs in today’s global business world.

Trust the tool the world's largest multinationals have used for more than two decades to help them govern their global benefit and compensation programs. With Willis Towers Watson's BenTrack, you can mitigate risk and improve program effectiveness. This tool helps you actively manage costs, maintain consistency and assess the competitiveness of your employee benefits. To support the changing needs of our clients, we continue to invest in taking BenTrack to higher levels of functionality, providing more flexibility to meet your unique global, regional and local needs.

Introduced in 1996 as the first online tool to help employers manage benefit and compensation data across global operations, BenTrack established the market standard. It enables multinationals to effectively govern their pension plans, medical and dental benefit programs, death and disability benefits, termination and severance provisions, and much more.

BenTrack is flexible enough to handle the complexity of any organization — regardless of the number of employees, countries or plans. Over 7,000 users seamlessly and securely access their own company's data, as well as data collected from more than 95,000 benefit plans.

By centralizing plan data, BenTrack improves information flow and helps employers make decisions consistently and appropriately. Users can share information in real time and react quickly to changing regulatory requirements.

BenTrack is specifically designed to help:

  • Support compliance and control on the global and local levels
  • Identify opportunities for cost containment and consolidation
  • Increase collaboration between local managers and corporate functions
  • Ensure benefit plan consistency across countries and business units
  • Assess market competitiveness of benefits and perquisites
  • Conduct efficient and effective due diligence during the pre- and post-deal stages of mergers and acquisitions

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Flexible and Intuitive Data Management

As our clients' needs change, BenTrack® changes to meet them. The newest version offers valuable features, including:

  • A central data repository and warehouse
  • Governance tools and templates, both standard and customizable
  • A multinational pooling manager
  •  reporting
  • At-a-glance country and governance matrices
  • Document storage
  • A library of mandatory and supplementary practices for more than 50 countries
  • Country-specific legislative alerts
  • eLearning

... and higher functionality

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Right-click functionality
  • Flexible tree structure
  • Project management dashboard — tasks and plan renewals
  • Administrator flexibility — user permissions and audit logs
  • User-defined symbols, definitions, and more
  • Message sending and calendar alerts
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat
  • Data imports


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