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BrovadaOne connects the insurance world, joining insurer and broker systems, improving workflow efficiency and accuracy, and saving time and resources.

For brokers, BrovadaOne Connectivity simplifies the way you do business. BrovadaOne Connectivity extends the functionality of your broker management system, enabling it to integrate with insurer portals and web services for both new business and policy change uploads, thereby eliminating the need to rekey the data already captured in your management system. Learn more.

For insurers, BrovadaOne enables you to provide real-time connectivity to brokers no matter what your policy administration system and regardless of whether you already use a portal. BrovadaOne's portal can be used as an independent interface or can accept data directly from your broker management systems, eliminating any double entry in your workflow. Configurable to accept data from either BrovadaOne for Brokers or any other proprietary broker connectivity protocol, the BrovadaOne portal offers a customizable and uniquely efficient workflow. Learn more.

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