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BrovadaOne for Insurers

BrovadaOne for Insurers

A better way for insurers to connect with brokers

BrovadaOne enables you to provide real-time connectivity to brokers regardless of your policy administration system (PAS) and regardless of whether you already use a portal.

With a web-service interface for real-time transactions — endorsements, upload and download, new- business submissions, inquiries, policy changes, FNOLs, portfolio transfers, regulatory reporting and more — BrovadaOne is an alternative to conventional portals with numerous advantageous capabilities.

BrovadaOne’s portal can be used as an independent interface for brokers or can accept data directly from their broker management systems, eliminating any double entry in their workflows.

Configurable to accept data from either BrovadaOne Connectivity or any other proprietary broker connectivity protocol, the BrovadaOne portal offers a customizable and uniquely efficient workflow to the marketplace.

New-business submission

BrovadaOne makes it easier for brokers to send you business by automating the submission process and dramatically reducing processing time.

It ensures submissions are complete and accurate; provides real-time rating and submission confirmation; includes dynamic, new-business-specific workflows, forms and data pre-validations; and ensures scalable integration to your new or legacy policy administration system.


BrovadaOne allows you to provide brokers with a secure, real-time snapshot of the policy, billing and claim data in your PAS. The inquiry can be presented in PDF or HTML for brokers to review with a client, to print or to email.

Policy change: compare, confirm, commit

BrovadaOne lets you extend real-time policy change capabilities to your broker distribution channels cost-effectively, simply and quickly.

By comparing newly changed broker data against the data already stored in your policy system, brokers are given the ability to confirm the change prior to submission, minimizing the risk of inadvertently overwriting valid data in your system.

The transaction incorporates an exception-based underwriting workflow, keeps consistent records of every policy change, includes dynamic messaging, leverages existing rating and rules engines, and reduces overall transaction time to 10 seconds.

The innovative comparison between insurer and broker data preserves the system of record, minimizes errors and omissions, enables multiple changes per transaction and issues a single invoice per transaction.

First notice of loss

BrovadaOne enables brokers to submit FNOL transactions in real-time, directly to your claim system. This crucial workflow expedites the process of making a claim, decreasing claim adjustment handling times and improving overall consumer satisfaction.


BrovadaOne ensures streamlined underwriting workflows, advanced exception management and minimal navigation. From quoting to renewal reviews, BrovadaOne allows brokers to interact with you throughout the policy life cycle.

It fully supports custom workflows and has the capability to apply data transformations, underwriting rules/rating logic and dynamic interaction with all common third-party services. Based on the specific workflow, BrovadaOne integrates directly with your PAS to complete the transaction.

Book of business rollover

Effective portfolio transfer requires diligent analysis of a book of business, navigation through a sea of data, identification of any gaps or decreases in coverage, timeliness of the transfer for policyholders and other factors.

BrovadaOne analyzes and profiles your book intelligently and automates the transfer, whether rolling a book of business intra-insurer, broker to insurer, or facilitating an internal audit of your own book.

EDI and eDocs download

BrovadaOne improves your ability to download data directly to your brokers. Our innovative EDI management system includes a CSIO certified eDoc delivery system, providing timely and efficient delivery of policy data and PDF or HTML files.

BrovadaOne download transactions are initiated in your policy system, notifying brokers to ensure policies are identical in both systems. Additionally, BrovadaOne download data is transmitted using the most recent CSIO standards.

Third-party integration

BrovadaOne lets you access service providers like MVRS and Autoplus, property inspection and evaluation companies, premium financing companies, loss reporting agencies, credit scoring agencies and more. Its service provider integration enables you to access these services from your desktop; streamline data transmissions to ensure accuracy, integrity and standards; integrate BrovadaOne for insurers to streamline your underwriting processes; and integrate business rules, data validation, policy numbers, effective/expiration dates, user details and more.


Whether you’re migrating data from an old system to a new one or integrating third-party data sources, BrovadaOne excels as an ETL platform, cleansing, augmenting and transforming data at the time of conversion.

Capable of supporting CSIO, ACORD and proprietary formats, BrovadaOne allows you to move data seamlessly between disparate systems.

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