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Classifier is a powerful package that provides detailed categorization and assessment of risk by geography.

It can accurately estimate geographical risk relativities at micro-zone levels, such as U.K. postcodes. Classifier is also able to combine internally and externally sourced data in a way that overcomes external data deficiencies. This enables profitable business to be written in areas where the insurer has little existing exposure.

Key benefits

  • Improve loss ratios, typically by one to two points.
  • Increase price optimization effectiveness.
  • Enhance speed and flexibility in making pricing decisions.
  • Reduce risk in writing business with low historical claim experience.
  • Write business in areas with little exposure with control.
  • Enhance communication between analysts and underwriters through clear graphical presentation of results.
  • Classifier helps you understand the underlying factors driving loss statistics in any geographic area, allowing you to standardize your data and base pricing decisions on more accurate assumptions.

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