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Emblem fits predictive models rapidly to very large and complex datasets, revealing the underlying patterns in your data.

Incorporating years of practical experience in its design, Emblem offers a range of sophisticated and practical modeling features. The latest version provides considerable speed improvements to the software. These are valuable for any pricing department but are of particular significance for products with large volumes of data like telematics.

Emblem enables you to:

  • Improve profitability through pricing that's based on a thorough understanding of risk
  • Make better pricing and marketing decisions by understanding policyholders' purchasing, retention and conversion behavior in depth
  • Respond to market changes and new information using models that are updated rapidly
  • Improve the quality, speed and efficiency of your analysis processes

Key features:

Emblem can fit models to very large data sets in seconds, providing significant time savings and allowing you to concentrate on the analysis itself rather than the time-consuming process of manipulating and processing data and results.

  • Features high performance for handling large and complex datasets, including all common dataset formats and the ability to find hidden complexities within them
  • Is intuitive and easy to use with powerful interactive graphics
  • Fits sophisticated models involving thousands of parameters
  • Supports a comprehensive range of model forms and statistical diagnostic tests
  • Is customizable to suit your own requirements
  • Contains functionality to enable Towers Watson Pretium users who wish to transition to Emblem to export models directly into Emblem

Extending your capability

Emblem XE is an optional upgrade for companies with exceptionally large datasets that need even faster processing speeds. Emblem XE moves the software to a new level, taking full advantage of multiple processors (up to 128 processor threads) and 64-bit systems. Our latest version is on average five times faster than the previous XE version, and 30 times faster than the earlier standard version of Emblem.

Emblem Express: For low volume usage

With Emblem Express you get all the power and functionality of the full package, but applied to more limited predictive modeling data sets. A simplified user interface is available to help newer users adopt the package quickly. Its innovations allow you to make more telling pricing insights without huge volumes of data and offers a truly cost-effective support tool for increasing pricing profitability.

There are now more than 1,400 users of Emblem among non-life insurers worldwide, and several leading life insurers have also started to apply Emblem models to enhance mortality analysis.

Inquiries and Support

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Emblem Training in Reigate, United Kingdom

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