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RiskAgility Financial Modeler (FM)

RiskAgility Financial Modeler (FM)

RiskAgility FM is a flexible software solution that enables life insurers to run financial models that accurately reflect their products and to run them in ways that are easily adapted to their business processes. Built with the latest software technology for enhanced performance and ease of use, we have designed RiskAgility FM to be adaptable to your way of doing things, so you don't have to force your staff to conform to rigid software requirements.

Modeling functions have been separated into logical groups, so your modelers can create reusable objects within these functions that are available throughout the system. This makes it easy to create a modeling process that works well across your business environment.

Risk Agility FM

This makes everyone's job easier, reduces the learning curve, and improves model governance and control.

The Team edition builds on the Standard edition and works closely with features of Microsoft Team Foundation Server to create a multiuser collaborative environment. This enables your company to track, manage and control the development of your models. With Team edition, your company can:

  • Manage versions of models over time for improved backup, documentation and audit capabilities
  • Control user access to models or parts of models for improved governance and security
  • Coordinate changes to models among many users for improved quality and synchronization of model development

Why RiskAgility FM

  • Enables your company to deploy sophisticated analytical calculations based on realistic economic principles, thereby improving risk and capital management
  • Uses open, transparent applications to help you confidently understand exactly how the calculations model your business
  • Flexible software is easily adapted to your products and business processes to increase productivity
  • Employs the latest technology for optimal performance and ease of use
  • Includes powerful input management tools to link variables to any external source, including Excel spreadsheets, text files or databases
  • Offers the ability to organize variables into user-defined groups that allow assumptions and projections to be managed easily
  • Enables easy setup and management of multiple projections by mixing and matching different groups of inputs, run parameters and output parameters
  • Provides flexible organization and orchestration of projections, allowing for dependencies between the projections
  • Supports powerful distributed processing in-house with Microsoft Windows HPC, in the cloud with Microsoft Windows Azure or with a seamless combination of both
  • Available in Standard and Team editions (Enterprise features to follow)
  • Embodies the thought leadership and expertise of Willis Towers Watson

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