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STAR ESG is a software toolkit providing financial modeling and risk analytics to the insurance, pension and banking communities. It is used by our clients to manage and report on risk exposures and forms a key component of the advice driving Willis Towers Watson's fiduciary mandates.

The STAR ESG models can be used for generating economic scenarios under either a real-world or risk-neutral measure. It can be used by clients for setting investment strategy benchmarks, portfolio construction, ALM, pricing, capital setting and the market consistent valuation of options and guarantees.

Our philosophy is to transfer knowledge and empower clients to control the outputs from our models. Extensive documentation and a comprehensive suite of training are included within the licence agreement. Most importantly we deploy intuitive calibration tools that easily allow clients to control the model outputs. Technical specialists located in North America, Europe and Asia are on hand to provide local support to our global client base.


    Willis Towers Watson’s economic scenario generator, gives clients access to the modelling suite used for investment and risk management.


    Generates risk neutral scenarios used in market-consistent valuation. STAR RN offers advanced technical models and is able to replicate a wide range of market prices accurately.
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    Generates a realistic real world distribution of economic scenarios and asset returns, which are used by Willis Towers Watson to provide pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors with strategic investment advice.
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    This module supports the user's strategic asset allocation decisions, quantifying the impact on risk and return of changing investment strategy over a multi-year time horizon.
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