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The Cost and Risk Management Channel

The Cost and Risk Management Channel

Helping to Manage Your Benefit Plans Globally

Plan sponsors have long faced increasing pressure to manage the cost and risk of their pension plans, and to better estimate future cost and risk. The Channel helps organizations monitor the financial condition of their benefit plans across the globe, and forecast cost and risk in the future, testing various scenarios under either U.S. or International Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The Channel gives direct online access to the financial information needed to manage cost and risk effectively. Having information available on demand makes discussions for stakeholders easier and enables informed decisions that result in better benefit financing outcomes.

Global headquarters can use the Channel to investigate the consolidated position of their benefit plans globally and to drill down into the plans in each region or country. Local subsidiaries can use the system to manage cost and risk within their local jurisdiction, be that a single plan or a group of plans within a country or region.

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