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Willis Towers Watson DataValidator is a flexible and user-friendly software solution that enables a company to validate, cleanse and transform data efficiently, preparing it for use in financial modeling and reporting processes.

The software helps insurers to streamline the production of financial modeling and risk analytics while maintaining strict governance controls to satisfy emerging regulatory requirements.

Key features:

  • Assess data quality. Define custom data check rules to assess the accuracy and completeness of the data. It can also validate the reasonableness of movements in the data across time periods.
  • Transform data. Perform complex transformations to get the data in a format appropriate for other systems and processes.
  • Audit readiness. Produce reports on data quality checks, data cleansing and transformations. Provides audit trail for regulatory compliance and best practice governance.
  • Process workflow. Perform batch processing of multiple data extracts simultaneously, at the click of a button. View live job-monitoring. Works with Willis Towers Watson Unify.
  • Ease of use. Clean, intuitive user interface and functionality helps users learn the software quickly and use it efficiently in everyday use to provide benefits far beyond the regular reporting cycle.

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