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Willis Towers Watson Talent Analytics Software

Willis Towers Watson Talent Analytics Software

While big data can provide actionable insights, it can overwhelm organizations to the point of paralysis. Willis Towers Watson Talent Analytics Software focuses on the right data — relevant data that deliver the insights your organization needs to make confident workforce decisions within the unique context of your organization.

The Willis Towers Watson Difference

Past, present and future trends are all relevant to talent decisions. Every talent decision is a big one, whether it involves a single hire or an entire division. Willis Towers Watson Talent Analytics Software uses workforce data to illuminate the many dimensions of important business decisions. That’s the Willis Towers Watson difference.

Key Features

  • Workforce Dashboard — Spot trends easily and quickly with digital views of business-critical metrics and analytics of workforce dynamics.
  • Workforce Analytics — Dig into specific workforce issues on the fly, bringing evidence directly to leaders to support targeted action.
  • Custom Dashboard — Be in control of your analytic efforts, from preparing for a board meeting to answering a new question from anywhere in the business. Create your own charts and other output using data within the tool — even if the data isn’t in the out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics provided by Willis Towers Watson.
  • Workforce Planning — See how current practices impact future staffing levels and costs, and opportunities to optimize future labor demand and labor supply.
  • Labor Market Research – Labor market research factors can be combined to form a comprehensive view of each market and available talent within each market, allowing you to identify which locations provide the best balance in terms of labor availability, cost, and quality factors.
  • Predictive Modeling — Take advantage of advanced research methods to pinpoint factors driving key workforce and business outcomes to target high-impact actions to improve overall business performance.
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Predictive analytics  Workforce planning
Workforce analytics  Employee map

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