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HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery

HR faces extraordinary demands to be effective, efficient and agile enough to address today’s many changing organizational and business realities. As a global innovator for the HR function, we understand these demands and help organizations meet them.

Well-managed HR functions ensure their organization’s HR priorities, infrastructure and delivery processes keep pace — and are aligned — with the business strategy. We apply our deep expertise in workforce behavior and programs, experience in HR service delivery, and leading-edge technology to help you develop the best HR strategy, structures and delivery models for your organization. And we support your technology implementations to ensure you get the outcomes you need.

Because we draw on decades of in-depth global research on HR function operation, we understand how HR service delivery, sourcing and technology can reach their most effective and efficient levels. And our global network of associates enables us to work with organizations across borders to provide the hands-on local support and expertise that ensures effective implementation.

Our capabilities include:

  • HR Strategy, Function Design and Performance Metrics
  • Service Delivery Design and Implementation
  • HR Sourcing Strategy
  • HR and Workforce Process, and Policy Design
  • HR Management System Implementation, including Workday, SAP and Oracle
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For more information, please contact:

Randy Di Bernardo 
Principal – HR Transformation

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