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Changing investment for the better

The investment industry has evolved to benefit the intermediaries working within it more than clients and ultimate beneficiaries.

We align more closely with your mission as an asset owner to produce better outcomes for beneficiaries and ensure a fairer deal for you.

  • We bring more innovation and greater diversity to sourcing returns.
  • We use a broad and sophisticated framework for managing risk.
  • Our innovative fee structures reward long-term value creation.
  • We have a global approach to research and investment across a range of asset classes.
  • We offer a new resourcing model that provides competitive skills throughout the value chain.

  • Institutional Investment Advisory Services


    We offer expert advice to improve outcomes for over 1,000 asset owners, worth US$2 trillion, including: DB, DC, E&F, SWF, Insurers and Family Offices.
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    Our delegated services boost the investment efficiency of asset owners that face either time, cost or resource constraints.
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  • Institutional investment software tools


    We transfer our expertise of financial and risk modelling through our extensive software toolkit.
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  • Institutional investment industry leadership and surveys


    We aim to improve our industry for end-savers, through Global Surveys (shown below) and our Thinking Ahead Institute.
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