Are you facing pressure to deliver the right compensation to the right employee segments in the right way? In the case of compensation, the stakes are especially high, as base pay remains the leading driver of retention and attraction for employees globally. Employers need to make critical decisions regarding how to allocate their often tight compensation budgets in a way that delivers the best return for the organization, and attracts and retains the talent required to achieve their future business objectives. Willis Towers Watson can help you create a comprehensive compensation management strategy.

Total compensation management strategy: We support it all.

  • Global Data Services. You need access to the right compensation data to ensure your organization is competitively positioned to attract the talent you need and retain the valuable employees you have. With our products, you have the ability to level roles for benchmarking across industry sectors, as well as analyze total cash compensation, long-term incentives, total direct compensation and Total Rewards.
  • Rewards. We help build and implement leading-edge organization, job and reward framework solutions that create an engaging employee experience and deliver the right return on investment to the organization.
  • Willis Towers Watson HR Software. Willis Towers Watson offers the only HR software products built on more than 100 years of experience solving the most complex HR issues for the world’s largest companies.
    • Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software helps global companies design, build and manage an effective compensation structure that places total compensation within the context of performance, market benchmarks and systemwide equity.
    • Willis Towers Watson Compensation Planning Software helps empower managers to respond nimbly to the productivity and aspirations of employees while effortlessly complying with the strategy, guidelines and budget of the global compensation program.
    • Willis Towers Watson Total Rewards Portal Software helps ensure each employee and recruit sees and understands all you provide as part of the employment deal. It presents and explains what the organization offers employees and what you expect from them in return. Include personalized data on all of your Total Rewards programs in one, simplified view.