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    A Willis Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
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    • Pressured brick-and-mortar retailers tackle minimum wages and compression

      Brick-and-mortar retailers are financially pressured by online competition, state and local minimum wage laws and wage compression which they are managing to varying degrees.

      Dana Furrow and Marc Roloson

    • At the crossroads of goals and measurable action is accountability

      Accountability is one of the four overarching principles of executive compensation that boards, management and advisors can use to assess the effectiveness and design of executive compensation programs.

      Don Delves

    • Agenda article: What the 2018 proxy season taught us, and why it’s important for 2019

      The value of a post proxy season pause to understand what happened in 2018 and what lessons can be learned for 2019 was the focus of Willis Towers Watson’s recent article in Agenda.

      Jim Kroll and Don Delves


    • The reach and breadth of your clawback policy matter, research finds

      A new academic research paper finds that stronger clawback policies provide multiple benefits to companies and shareholders. In light of these findings, this is an opportune time for compensation committees to review the structure of their clawback policy and determine if any changes are warranted.

      Andy Goldstein and Steve Seelig

    • "Guiding Principles": Linking purpose to companies' HR priorities

      Executive compensation is still a relatively young profession and field of study, but core, overarching principles have started to coalesce, including the principle of purpose.

      Scott Matarese

    • ISS 2019 Annual Policy Survey raises key compensation topics

      Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) released its annual policy survey this week to obtain feedback from institutional investors, corporate issuers and other interested parties on possible changes to the proxy advisor’s benchmark voting policies for 2019.

      Brian Myers and Torie Nilsen

    • Willis Towers Watson presents at WorldatWork 2018 Executive Compensation Forum

      Willis Towers Watson Managing Director Andy Goldstein and CamberView Partners co-presented a panel, “Turning the Page on TSR:  The Evolving Investor Focus on Incentive Compensation,” at the WorldatWork 2018 Executive Compensation Forum.

      Andy Goldstein

    • Pay-for-performance update for the S&P/TSX 60: how stronger 2017 financial results impacted incentive payouts

      This quarter, we examine how the improved 2017 financial results affected annual incentives and long-term incentive plan (LTIP) cycles that culminated in 2017.

      Ming Young, Christina Le and Sebastién Morrissette

    • Executive Compensation Bulletin: Retail bankruptcies soar, challenging efforts to retain employees and incentivize management

      Traditional U.S. retailers continue to face unrelenting challenges to maintain historical profitability in an evolving industry, and as bankruptcies increase, also are challenged to retain non-executive employees and incentivize senior management.

      Dan Leon

    • Four core principles of executive compensation

      Executive compensation is still a relatively young profession and field of study. As it has matured, core principles have started to coalesce. A recent article published in the June/July 2018 issue of Workspan magazine and reproduced with the permission of WorldatWork, examines the use and importance of these principles.

      Don Delves

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Executive Pay Matters
A Willis Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
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