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How to assess risk and return objectives in the low return environment
The single most important issue facing investors is lower expected returns for a prolonged period of time. How does this impact asset owners in setting their risk and return objectives? There is a trade-off between objectives set for the long term and those that are reasonably likely to be achieved over the medium term.

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The future of work – the 2017 Human Capital & Benefits seminar series
We are at a tipping point regarding how and where work gets done. Is your business prepared for the future of work? Join us for our annual seminar series, featuring a range of topics aimed at helping you improve your organisational performance.


The Australian investment team … has a passion for innovation and independent thought leadership and that is geared squarely towards helping our clients excel. I am confident our unique value proposition to clients will continue to develop under Martin’s leadership.

Martin Goss appointed to lead Australian Investments team
May 6, 2016

Superannuation expert joins Towers Watson Australia executive compensation team
December 15, 2015

Pension funds benefit from bank stress tests
December 14, 2015


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