The 2016 GCC Executive Compensation Survey (see PDF for details) is open for participation. The survey will deliver accurate data on Executive Compensation in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

Key benefits of participating in the 2016 GCC Executive Compensation survey:

  • On-line access: conduct your own tailored pay analyses in real time – with no repeat data access fees
  • Competitive pay levels: use the survey results to ensure competitiveness of your company’s base salary levels and allowances against a range of other leading companies in the region 
  • Pay-for-performance and strategic alignment: get insight into how companies link executive pay and performance, the proportion of the pay package that depends on performance and what metrics companies use to align pay and corporate strategy 
  • Awareness of market developments and innovations: understand the pay instruments your competitors use to attract and retain key talent more effectively, such as long-term incentive plans, and identify competitive gaps in your own company


If you would like to participate please contact Mini Agarwal at +971 509 108 532.

Thank you in advance.