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    Insights into trends and developments in people management including rewards, engagement, executive compensation and superannuation. Check out our blog, Catalyst.
    Audience: HR professionals including those specialising in remuneration and organisation development
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    • Building flexible communications for flexible workers
      Offering greater workplace flexibility brings new challenges for employers to create a shared employee experience. It tests traditional company cultures and it may require a rethink of your overall employee value proposition and your employee communication needs.
    • Benefits managers – are you ready for 2017?
      A number of age pension and superannuation changes already in effect or coming online in 2017 mean greater uncertainties for employers – and have the potential to disrupt benefit programmes. What should benefits managers do? A good start is to assess the impact on their own workforce and the overall business and HR strategy.
    • Talent analytics tools – making the best choice
      Technology can empower leaders to make quick and effective decisions on talent. A workforce analytics tool is sizeable investment but it can have a significant return if you choose the right technology. So, what do HR teams need to consider?
    • Forecasting salary movements – the ongoing remuneration challenge
      It’s important to remember that the rate of pay growth is not a function of the cost of living but rather of the supply and demand of labour. This is one of the remuneration professional’s challenges - to help the organisation understand this, especially in the light of low CPI rates.
    • Are we approaching “peak human”?
      How you’ll source talent, what you will pay for it and what they’ll do for your business is undergoing a revolution. Does that mean we’re approaching “peak human”? For many organisations, the future relevance of their business will rely on quite different elements than those that underpin their work now.
    • Understanding risk dynamics in your remuneration framework and culture
      Boards and senior management are spending more of their time on risk dynamics but, to ensure the best possible outcomes, a key question needs to be asked. Are organisations focused on the most significant risks? Organisation culture and, almost inextricably entangled with this, the remuneration framework, are often not given the attention they warrant.
    • HR information 24/7 – are you up for the challenge?
      Technology is driving rapid change in the way HR communicates with its workforce and vice versa. Employees now have an expectation of being able to access HR content and undertake HR-related transactions – often on a 24/7 basis. Is it time your organisation looked at developing a highly functional HR App?
    • When gender pay analysis cannot be ignored
      Our recent survey of superannuation fund executive and staff remuneration revealed average total remuneration for females was lower than that for males and the differences in individual funds ranged between 8% and 50%. This sort of ‘like for like’ gender pay analysis is critical to understand whether an average gap reflects systemic problems and in what areas. Lower pay for females (or males) that cannot be explained on the basis of such objective factors as qualifications and experience may well indicate inappropriate biases in a range of organisational and management practices.
    • Deploying a listening strategy – lessons learned
      The execution of a well-designed employee listening strategy, leveraging modern technology tools and approaches, can bring tremendous value to a business. The challenge for HR professionals is to temper the excitement these new solutions provoke in order to channel that energy into the thoughtful planning and careful management needed to ensure success.
    • Supporting organisational change – developing change champion networks
      A change champion network can make a difference to whether your organisational change initiative is a success or not. Change champions understand the rationale for change and can share their perspective and deliver key messages about the progress of change within your organisation. They can also be critical in helping your business develop solutions to concerns/feedback from employees.
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Insights into trends and developments in people management including rewards, engagement, executive compensation and superannuation. Check out our blog, Catalyst.

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