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    Insights into trends and developments in people management including rewards, engagement, executive compensation and superannuation. Check out our blog, Catalyst.
    Audience: HR professionals including those specialising in remuneration and organisation development
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    • How company culture can mitigate your cyber risk
      Company culture, as well as employee opinion and behaviour plays a big role in protecting or mitigating cyber risk. Employers need to measure the risk inherent in their employees’ behaviours and determine both how to lessen the risk and build a cyber-smart workforce.
    • Future of work – what does it mean for how we develop our leaders?
      As work itself is changing, some of the basic tenets of leadership development are and should be, challenged. The assumption that leaders have teams of employees in defined jobs within a siloed organisation no longer applies. Leadership development needs to evolve to be up to the challenge, focusing on three major priorities.
    • The future of work and the challenge for HR
      HR has a key role in supporting companies as they gradually move from a collection of people doing jobs, to an entity that organises work – and the talent, whatever and wherever that may be, that completes it.
    • Boosting your communication through effective design
      Good design is the difference between getting noticed, and getting ignored. Design helps create more effective, memorable communication. To deliver messages with clarity five key principles to follow are alignment, hierarchy, contrast repetition and balance. The use of white space and infographics can assist in telling your story.
    • How can leaders ‘lead’ the way on flexible working?
      Offering flexible working isn’t a competitive advantage any more – to attract, retain and engage employees, it’s now a given. But leaders need to give ‘true permission’ to their team members to make sure company policies align with workplace reality. Your leaders need to ‘lead’ the way on creating the right flexible environment.
    • Trends in Australian employee benefits
      The last decade has been dominated by employer needs to reduce costs and risks, combined with the transition to employee self-services. The focus of leading employers has now switched to new themes – the role of benefits in the EVP for the emerging workforce and effectiveness of benefits.
    • The changing nature of employment
      The concept of the ‘democratisation of work’ is at the forefront of the changing nature of employment. Full-time roles are being separated into parts and done by alternate means, often outside a company’s traditional boundaries and in different and lower-cost locations. In this brave new world, what questions should managers ask to take advantage of this new model?
    • Managing employment or managing work – HR as architect
      Artificial Intelligence or robotic process automation may not seem like the business of HR. It also may feel very far away. But is it? Much of HR’s current role and focus is to hire, develop, lead, engage, reward and retain employees. But what happens when the business plans for and implements cognitive automation technologies that significantly disrupt a number of roles?
    • Building flexible communications for flexible workers
      Offering greater workplace flexibility brings new challenges for employers to create a shared employee experience. It tests traditional company cultures and it may require a rethink of your overall employee value proposition and your employee communication needs.
    • Benefits managers – are you ready for 2017?
      A number of age pension and superannuation changes already in effect or coming online in 2017 mean greater uncertainties for employers – and have the potential to disrupt benefit programmes. What should benefits managers do? A good start is to assess the impact on their own workforce and the overall business and HR strategy.
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Insights into trends and developments in people management including rewards, engagement, executive compensation and superannuation. Check out our blog, Catalyst.

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