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Towers Watson Investment’s expertise in risk assessment, strategic asset allocation, investment manager selection and delegated investment services helps create financial value for institutional investors.

The business employs over 750 associates worldwide, has more than 1,000 pension funds and institutional investors as clients, and has assets under advisory of over US$2 trillion.

Our investment research team comprises more than 150 professionals. Its services include manager research, asset research and the Thinking Ahead Group. The manager research component is one of the world’s largest, with over 100 full-time dedicated researchers. We also have one of the largest specialist investment strategy teams.

For over a decade, Towers Watson has advised institutional funds on a delegated basis. We are responsible for over US$55 billion of delegated and fiduciary assets worldwide. Our flexible service helps clients extend their own governance by enabling them to delegate many aspects of their investment arrangements.

We provide services for:

  • Investment strategy
  • Fund manager evaluation, selection and monitoring
  • Policy and governance
  • Portfolio construction

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