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Global Access

Multinational companies often struggle with delivering quality employee benefit programs due to lack of sufficient local-country HR functions, and little or no availability of local benchmarking data on employee benefit packages. Global Access addresses these challenges head on. Towers Watson has developed a first-of-its-kind, alternative benefit solution for the multinational marketplace that provides employers with the simplicity of a fully benchmarked "off the shelf" product they can select and implement within days, while also reducing costs and the amount of work employers have to do.

Towers Watson’s Global Access is an exclusive, breakthrough offering — developed in conjunction with leading global insurers — that gives multinational employers easy access to simplified benefit coverage solutions when they don’t require customization. Prepackaged insurance options — including life, health, accident and disability — are available within three fixed, benchmarked benefit levels.

  • Benefit levels are based on benchmarking from Towers Watson’s Benefits Data Source Survey data against general market practice data in each country (25th/50th/75th percentiles).
  • Fixed or indicative pricing is provided by age group, allowing almost immediate quotes with little data.
  • Enhanced and flexible underwriting features — such as guaranteed issue or free cover limits, and removal of preexisting condition requirements — are included.
  • Renewable annual rates on a block or portfolio basis by country minimizes fluctuation.
  • Very low minimum head count is required for coverage.

Towers Watson’s Global Access: Simplified Benefit Coverage Solutions for Multinational Employers

The product is available today in over 30 countries and territories across all major regions of the world (outside of North America).

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