• Global Findings Report:
    2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards, and Global Workforce Studies


    HR Matters: Our latest views on the Budget and pensions, HR transformation, high performing companies and performance management



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Corporate Briefing
The latest news for corporate sponsors of pension and benefit arrangements.

A magazine providing thought leadership for the insurance industry.

Finance Matters
Our quarterly publication focusing on issues relevant to those in finance and investment roles.

Executive Pay Matters - UK
All the latest in UK executive compensation news, issues, market trends and governance developments.

HR Matters
Bi-monthly email publication that covers our analytical insights and practical experience on current issues that face human resources professionals.

Sustainably Engaged
A report on trends in the employee engagement survey practices. In each issue we explore a unique aspect of the employee survey process, such as speed or length of process.

Trustee Briefing
The latest news for managers and trustees of pension and benefits arrangements.

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LifeSight logo

In light of our recent research showing that 50% of UK savers suffer from pensions paralysis, read our blog to find out how to foster a culture of financial advice that benefits consumers.


Solutions for Life Insights blog
An online publication for the life insurance industry, showcasing our latest thinking on financial modelling and reporting to guide today’s life insurer towards risk and actuarial transformation.

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Willis Towers Watson Insights on the EU Referendum
Keep up to date with the implications of Brexit through our surveys, events and intellectual capital as we monitor the changing situation closely to provide our clients with timely analysis and advice.


2016 UK Budget survey - key findings
How will workplace savings evolve around the Lifetime ISA?

Featured Events

Unprecedented times for pension scheme sponsors
Date: 17 November 2016
Location: London
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2016 Compensation Trends Webinar – Europe, Middle East and Africa
Date: 28 November 2016
Location: Online
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Igloo Training Courses
Dates: September and November 2016
Location: Reigate
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Risk Software Solutions Training
Dates: Various 2016
Location: Reigate
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