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    Largest Asian pension funds featured prominently in this year’s Global 300 ranking. To prepare for tomorrow’s accelerating changes and challenges (in the next 5-10 years), asset owners need to reposition their business, operating and investment models in order to succeed.
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    The role of independent non-executive or outside board directors is getting tougher throughout Asia because of a confluence of several notable trends, a change that can warrant higher pay.

    Trey Davis

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    In August’s edition of Global Markets Overview, we review market pricing and our recommendations for portfolio strategy as global trade tensions continue to impact financial asset prices.
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    The competitive and complex environment of institutional fund management requires greater access to investment expertise, whether internal or external. Asset owners who do not want to do everything themselves can consider delegating to an external service provider. The August edition of Asian Investor Digest includes two papers about the role of Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and key drivers of the shift to the Outsourced CIO.
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    In July’s edition of Global Markets Overview, we review market pricing and our recommendations for portfolio strategy in light of the US Federal Reserve raising its target rate range by 25bps, the US increasing tariffs on Chinese goods and the European Central Bank (ECB) announcing it intends to reduce its asset purchase programme.
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    In this issue of Sustainably Engaged, we highlight our new research that examines how various organizational practices help shape a high-performance culture and organization.
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    In this issue, we share our insights on how tax incentive on deferred annuity products will impact retirement protection in Hong Kong.
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