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Employee Insights

Employee Insights

The right insights at the right time drive smart decisions about workforce strategy, programs and investments. Towers Watson’s employee engagement surveys help you reach those insights by translating direct input from your people. Through our employee surveys, we help our clients shape high-performance cultures, improve the return on talent investments and deliver measurable business results.

Towers Watson draws on advanced analytics, leading-edge HR technology solutions, comprehensive change management capabilities, and the world’s largest normative database of employee attitudes to provide the insights that lead to actions you can implement efficiently and sustain over time. We distinguish ourselves by providing:

  • Leading thought leadership. We work with each client to ensure employee survey content addresses their unique needs, using our robust benchmarks and validated frameworks as a guide, including our next-generation concept of Sustainable Engagement and our research-based framework of cultural characteristics that predict success against each company’s unique combination of strategic goals.
  • Highly innovative analytics. Survey findings must be put in context and prioritized to inform specific actions. Our tools include a database containing the largest number of norms by country, industry, job level and business performance; key driver analyses that identify the top statistical predictors of engagement; and advanced modeling that links survey results to business outcomes.
  • Exceptional reporting tools. Our suite of reporting tools includes dynamic interactive reports with direct export to PowerPoint; focused, two-page snapshot reports with automated prioritization of key issues and action suggestions; and the online, on-demand tool for ad hoc reporting.
  • Insights-to-impact approach. An employee engagement survey is valuable only if it leads to changes in organizational culture and improved business performance. We partner with our clients to make certain that happens by considering the business and people implications of the findings, and helping our clients construct a road map to change.
  • A truly global perspective. Towers Watson employee engagement survey professionals include native speakers of more than 40 languages, based in 20 countries worldwide. Our colleagues on the ground know the local culture and speak the local languages.
  • Flawless execution. We ensure flawless execution by following a world-renowned project management protocol, combined with proprietary processes and tools, and developed and refined over decades in the field. With our 99.4% on-time delivery of reports, ISO accreditations and a comprehensive quality management system, your organization can be assured of an on-time, quality delivery.
  • Modern employee survey administration. We use a range of HR technology solutions, including mobile-enabled platforms, to ensure survey participation is fast, easy and convenient for employees — a truly seamless part of their online work experience.
  • Extensive areas of expertise. We support clients with a diverse range of surveys reflecting our extensive areas of expertise, including employee engagement, culture diagnostics, leadership effectiveness, safety/risk culture, entry/exit, social network analysis and internal customer satisfaction, as well as do-it-yourself surveys. We help our clients develop their engagement and listening strategies, and enable them to align their business strategy, leadership and culture.

Through these benefits, we help you engage your people to deliver peak performance, maintain the right supply of talent, and achieve greater return on your investments in talent and rewards.

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