Lilis Halim of Towers Watson Indonesia shares insights and latest trends on using employee benefits effectively

South East Asia’s largest market, Indonesia, is preparing for the spotlight. In the past, it has been overshadowed by its giant neighbours India and China but, bolstered by positive growth in recent years, it is now enjoying a new focus placed on it by investors. Its low cost of living and growing middle class make it a natural target for organizations wishing to expand. However, the country has felt some growing pains including economic fluctuations, an unpredictable regulatory environment, a bureaucracy that slows business activity and a talent shortage. This is of particular concern to employers in this market, and for good reason. Workers show a strong inclination to change jobs as the opportunity arises, unsurprising in such a rapidly growing economy. Further, even for those in work, it’s not all good news: Towers Watson’s data has shown that about one in six employees in Indonesia are disengaged.