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    Upgrading HR for today’s diverse and complex challenges
  • Newsletter
    What are the top five areas for HR to look out for in 2018?
  • Newsletter
    In the year-end issue of Sustainably Engaged, we reflect briefly on key employee engagement learnings from 2017 and look ahead to what 2018 has in store.
  • Newsletter
    Willis Towers Watson’s global magazine for the insurance industry. Contents: Future of work, financial reporting, insurance M&A, InsurTech, silent cyber risk
  • Newsletter
    In December’s issue of Global Markets Overview, we compare the future economic conditions that the major asset markets are pricing-in with our outlook.
  • Newsletter
    Pay transparency is a mark of progressive thinking in the future of work, yet many employers still find this to be challenging concept.
  • Newsletter
    With a mild rebound expected for salary increases in Asia Pacific, what should organisations be focusing on when planning their 2018 pay reviews?
  • Newsletter
    In October’s issue, we provide a high-level overview of the major global illiquid markets and why the theme of cresting liquidity is particularly relevant to private investors.
  • Newsletter

    Recently, Willis Towers Watson consultants discussed important executive compensation issues, including corporate governance and executive and board pay, with several leading institutional investors in Asia, with some surprising viewpoints.

    Michael Siu

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    In the October issue of Sustainably Engaged, we explore how Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software goes beyond employee engagement data – providing business metrics, including KPIs, people analytics and predictive analytics.
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