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Willis Towers Watson Insider covers health care and retirement benefit regulations, case law and policy, along with historical trends and future directions. This issue addresses the IRS’s decision not to issue guidance prohibiting retiree lump sum windows, the Trump administration’s 2020 budget proposal, and the House Ways and Means Committee approval of a broad retirement bill. It also reports on the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) challenge to cross-plan offsetting, a district court’s decision that the final regulations on association health plans are unlawful, and the DOJ’s revised position on invalidating the Affordable Care Act.

IRS will not issue guidance prohibiting retiree lump sum windows

The recent announcement opens the door for sponsors to again consider such retiree windows as a potential pension de-risking strategy. Read more.

Trump administration's 2020 budget proposal addresses retirement, health care and paid leave

The budget proposes to impose higher PBGC premiums on certain pension plans, expand HSAs, replace parts of the ACA, reform Medicare and establish paid family leave. Read more.

House committee approves broad retirement bill

The SECURE Act would expand access to multiple employer plans, provide nondiscrimination relief to closed DB plans, raise the age for required minimum distributions and more. Read more.

Court and DOL challenge 'cross-plan offsetting'

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that United Healthcare’s practice of cross-plan offsetting was not authorized by plan documents and may violate ERISA. Read more.

Court strikes down Trump administration's rule on association health plans

The district court judge agreed with the complaint, finding the final association health plan regulations were “clearly an end-run around the ACA.” Read more.

DOJ now supports invalidating entire Affordable Care Act

The decision — and the DOJ’s new stance — raises questions about whether the Trump administration will continue enforcing the ACA. Read more.