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Risk Appetite, Tolerances and Limits — Tying the Pieces Together

Risk appetite frameworks that tie risk strategy to an insurer's mission and link risk tolerances and limits align risk-based decisions throughout an organization. Read more.

ROE-Challenged P&C Insurers Need to Ask, 'What Can Change?'

Do European P&C insurers face a challenge to an elegant business proposition, and is it creating a drag on ROE? If so, what needs to change? Read more.

As M&A Stirs, U.S. P&C Insurers Suit Up for Action

M&A in the U.S. P&C market is reviving, and alternative risk transfer transactions are shaking things up, providing investors with another capital-building option. Read more.

Using Pay to Better Sustain Employee Engagement

In the near future, insurance companies will need to use their compensation tools better so they can attract, retain and motivate talent in a fast-changing market that offers many employment options. Read more.

Shifting Politics Can Be a Win for Insurers in Latin America

Insurance companies investing in Latin America need to understand the region's systemic risks, including the political climate, an important part of due diligence. Read more.