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Will 2015 Be the Year of Sleepless Nights for Global Insurers? Threats, Good Bets, Possible Resets

Insurers have plenty to keep them up at night, but as a panel of Towers Watson experts explains, there's no need to lose sleep if companies are forward thinking and strategic.

Agile, Real-Time Pricing Will Put You in Control: How Insurers Can Get Started

Retaining flexibility and control of your pricing is critical to remaining competitive in modern insurance markets. Choosing the right pricing ecosystem is at the very heart of understanding and evolving an insurer's market position.

Clinch Success With the Right UBI Product Launch: How to Set Yourself Apart

A recent Towers Watson U.S. survey shows a growing consumer comfort with UBI, but a successful product launch depends on more: skillful execution, collection and analysis of the right data, and delivering real value to consumers.

Name Two Transformative Disruptors: If You Answered Digital Revolution and the IoT, Two Points

Insurers are now presented with a wonderful opportunity to use digital technologies and the IoT to create business opportunities and rethink existing products.

Insurers, Jump-Start Your Digital Media Programs: Engage Consumers and Compete

Insurers, faced with competition from other insurers and large digital companies, will need to ramp up their digital media programs if they want to engage consumers and compete effectively.

The Days of China's Old Life Insurance Growth Model Are Numbered: Insurers Grapple With New Ways to Grow

The days of growth models that rely largely on premium volume, scale and market reach are numbered, leaving insurers to find new business models, products and distribution channels that reflect new government initiatives and customer expectations.

Changing Regs Leave Latin America's Insurers Asking Questions: Opportunity or Headache?

Insurance companies that want to succeed in Latin America need to be aware of the differences in regulatory regimes and select markets with well-established, balanced regulations.