It’s a familiar drumbeat: Technology is transforming the way we live. Technology is reinventing the way we work. Technology is revolutionizing the way we do just about everything, from ordering dinner to staying fit. And the pace of this transformation is accelerating!

In its recent publication on human capital management/HR technology transformation in the digital workplace, Gartner highlights areas where rapid adoption, or transformative impact, is shaping HR processes and solutions. We agree with Gartner — and we also believe a broader approach is required to fully and sustainably transform human capital management. Simply said, technology alone doesn’t solve everything. When an organization implements new HR software, it is looking for solutions that drive specific outcomes. Willis Towers Watson believes it’s the combination of human capital strategy, relevant technology and a change implementation approach that form these solutions and create desired outcomes. Read on to learn more about our perspective on how to transform your organization through a strategic approach to HR software.

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