This report summarises the results of the first focused survey of executive compensation conducted by Towers Watson in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.  The survey joins the large number of executive pay surveys that Towers Watson conducts globally.

The GCC Executive Compensation survey has captured data from 73 companies located in the six GCC countries, as listed in the Appendix, in respect of the levels and components of pay for 1,385 incumbents in 176 roles which range in size from GG15 to GG23 as measured by Towers Watson’s Global Grading system.  The survey collected data on the components of pay which make up Total Direct Compensation: basic salary; regular allowances; annual bonus (STI); and long term incentives (LTI).  

In addition to actual and target values of the various components, we also sought information on design features and practices in annual bonus and long term incentives.  The information we collected is summarised in this document and we hope will be helpful to companies considering developing new incentive plans.

We have run this survey to respond to increasing demands from clients for a survey that is specifically about Executive pay.  More and more we have found clients asking for concrete evidence of how much and how other companies pay their top management team members. 

In general, this first Towers Watson survey of executive compensation in the GCC has produced a positive outcome and will be helpful for all participants.  Towers Watson continually seek to improve upon our surveys each year, increasing participation across the region, and extending the coverage of roles. We look forward to your future participation in the 2015 survey.

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