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    How you’ll source talent, what you will pay for it and what they’ll do for your business is undergoing a revolution. Does that mean we’re approaching “peak human”? For many organisations, the future relevance of their business will rely on quite different elements than those that underpin their work now.
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    a short paper titled Take good care of your ‘portfolio health’. The paper briefly describes how a high-level, holistic portfolio assessment can help fund fiduciaries identify and prioritise areas that require more attention.
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    Just as many companies are sharpening their pencils to perform a “dry run” CEO pay ratio calculation using 2016 pay data, the Securities and Exchange Commission Division of Corporation Finance staff published additional guidance as part of the staff’s Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations that may be helpful to companies struggling to interpret the final regulations.

    Steve Seelig, Puneet Arora and Rich Luss

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    Boards and senior management are spending more of their time on risk dynamics but, to ensure the best possible outcomes, a key question needs to be asked. Are organisations focused on the most significant risks? Organisation culture and, almost inextricably entangled with this, the remuneration framework, are often not given the attention they warrant.
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    The Government has abandoned plans to create a secondary market in annuities, citing concerns about the prices that sellers might have received
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    Ian Aley and Shelly Beard look at trends in the longevity hedging market.
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    If the Supreme Court rules that only a church can establish a church plan, pension plans of church-affiliated hospitals will not be exempt from ERISA.
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    Pension Schemes Bill 2016 sets new high standards for operating Master Trusts
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    The act would provide nondiscrimination relief for closed DB plans, authorize open multiple employer plans and raise savings limits in auto-enrollment arrangements.
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    On 17 October, Treasury Minister Jane Ellison told the House of Commons that young people would have the option of saving in a Lifetime ISA (LISA) from next April. This appears to signal that the LISA will be launched on time (though it could just mean that the Government is not yet ready to announce any delay).
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