Preliminary results from our 2017 digital technology survey show 62% of participating super funds have increased their digital technology spend by more than 50% over the last two years.

The appetite to invest in digital solutions is steadily increasing and super funds are highly engaged, citing the top three benefits of these technologies in delivering member services are the personalised and targeted nature, wide range and suitability to facilitate member self-education.

This Super Watch ‘Are you getting the biggest bang for your digital buck?’ shows the role that an improved user experience (UX) can play in maximising value and return on investment.

UX design is more than a buzzword – good online tools drive positive user perceptions and desired responses. Our survey also showed that 54% of respondents are looking to have in-house UX design skills within the next two years.

What are the hallmarks of good UX design? We outline the three key principles: Engage, Satisfy – but don’t overwhelm, and Drive Action.

The importance of online channels in engaging members with their super will continue to grow. Online calculators and digital technologies are set to play an ever-increasing role and will become an important stepping stone as consumers move towards embracing full digital advice solutions.