UK Finance Matters - July 2016

Welcome to the investing revolution

It's time to add another industry to the list of those being revolutionised by technology: institutional investing. The launch of a new institutional asset management marketplace, the Asset Management Exchange (AMX), is set to do just that. Oliver Jaegemann takes us through the workings of AMX. Read more

Predicting a flood: the shift to master trusts

The number of UK companies adopting master trust pension arrangements is growing: nearly one in six FTSE 350 companies has already outsourced its defined contribution pensions to a master trust. That proportion – while significant – also under-represents the current shift to master trusts, David Bird explains. Read more

A question of longevity

Something strange, and potentially significant, is happening to the UK's mortality rates. After decades of steadily increasing longevity rates in the UK, with the associated increasing funding costs for defined benefit pension plans, the trend has seemingly changed. Ian Aley takes us through the implications. Read more

Five-year capital market outlook

Economic policy and political uncertainty – illustrated through events such as Brexit and the US election – were the big surprises in 2016. These risks remain elevated and widen the distribution of possible future outcomes for global growth and inflation, both on the downside and the upside, and will likely be a catalyst for a greater divergence between economies. Martin Jecks and Shuwen Wang discuss. Read more

Simplicity and senior executives' pensions

The latest curbs on tax relief for high earners in the UK in 2016 added complexity to many senior executives' retirement planning. However, perhaps conversely, the new regulations have fed into – and strengthened – the current trend toward simplifying company policies regarding senior executives' pensions, Gary Luck explores further. Read more

Investment house view

Many pension portfolios still have a significant proportion of their assets in equity investments. Discussions about switching to liability-driven investment strategies often come down to the investment outlook for equities. Tom Brooke-Smith takes us through the long-term outlook for equities. Read more