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    A Willis Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
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    • Canadian government provides further details on proposed changes to stock option taxation

      The Canadian government tabled a motion in the House of Commons on June 17, 2019 that paves the way for the introduction of legislation on changes to stock option taxation and provided further details on the proposed changes.

      Ryan Resch and Ming Young

    • Pocious appointment deepens Willis Towers Watson’s wealth management expertise

      Willis Towers Watson’s Global Financial Services Group has deepened its bench with the addition of Karen Pocious, a director, who will lead the company’s wealth management initiatives and broaden its wealth management human capital capabilities.

      Don Delves and Darren Moskovitz

    • Vanguard updates proxy voting guidelines for U.S. companies

      Vanguard has released updated proxy voting guidelines for U.S. portfolio companies just in time for the proxy season. The updated guidelines, which provide greater detail on a number of compensation matters, became effective April 1, 2019.

      Michael Biggane, Eric Chen and Jim Kroll

    • Designing pay plans in the new 162(m) world

      Over a year after the “performance-based compensation” exception to Section 162(m) of the IRS Code was eliminated as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, relatively few companies have made significant plan changes to their pay programs to take advantage of its repeal, and guidance from Institutional Shareholder Services reinforces that this may be the right course.

      Ryan Beger and Steve Seelig

    • Pay-for-performance retail update: Improved fiscal 2019 financials dispel lackluster predictions

      Retail’s fiscal 2019 financials, which ended January 31, improved despite reports of a poor holiday shopping season, but how could more temperate discretionary spending in fiscal 2020 impact industry results and bonus payouts?

      Kate King and Chris Marques

    • You’re acquiring a company, so what do you do with your incentive plans?

      We’re often asked by clients in the midst of a merger how to treat incentive compensation at both the target company and the acquirer. Here’s what experience has taught us.

      Kenneth Kuk and Scott Oberstaedt

    • Spotlight on corporate governance in the Canadian federal budget

      The Canadian federal government has proposed a number of significant corporate governance changes to be effected through the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) as part of the omnibus budget implementation act (Bill C-97) tied to the March 19, 2019 federal budget.

      Ming Young

    • Driving the right innovation may require challenging the status quo on executive compensation

      True business success is driven by a powerful combination of innovation and purpose. New ideas, methods and processes are directed to creating new sources of value. And as executive compensation practitioners, we’re often asked how we design our reward programs to incentivize innovation.

      Kenneth Kuk, Paul Platten and Chris Hamilton

    • Economic Value Added — What it is and what you need to know about it — for now

      Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) is adding Economic Value Added (EVA) metrics in its proxy research reports this year, which is raising questions for companies.

      Jim Kroll, Marc Roloson and Jamie Teo

    • Executive Compensation Bulletin: SEC Advisory Committee Recommends Expanded Disclosures on Human Capital Management

      Disclosure of human capital costs has long been required on companies’ financial statements, but they may soon have to be disclosed as an asset similar to equipment or intellectual property if a recommendation of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) Investor Advisory Committee gains traction.

      Don Delves, Andrew Goldstein, Ryan Resch and Steve Seelig

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Executive Pay Matters
A Willis Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
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