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    A Willis Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
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    • Reasons to consider expanded Year 2 CEO pay ratio disclosures

      Companies preparing for Year 2 CEO pay ratio disclosures now have more questions to consider. Recently, Fortune 500 company compensation committees began receiving a letter from a group of 48 institutional investors requesting that they disclose more so that shareholders have additional information on workforce compensation practices. This is the first of two blog posts that consider how companies should respond.

      Steve Seelig, Jamie Teo and Rich Luss

    • SEC proxy process roundtable fuels speculation on potential regulatory actions

      What’s clear from the recent Securities and Exchange (SEC) roundtable on the proxy voting process and subsequent press accounts is that concerned parties have very different agendas for possible next steps. We offer some of our impressions of the recent meeting.

      Steve Seelig and Puneet Arora

    • Inform your 2019 executive compensation decisions: Join our year-end webcast

      Companies are deep in preparation for year-end executive pay decisions and disclosures, and to launch 2019 pay plans. Success will depend on their ability to navigate numerous issues. Our December 6 webcast will provide you with needed information to make informed decisions.

      Don Delves

    • ESG’s growing role poses a challenge: how to integrate it into executive compensation programs

      Companies are under increasing pressure to review and consider the role of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors within the business. This is not necessarily a new concept, but has been increasing in prominence given pressures from investors and proxy advisory firms.

      Ryan Resch

    • Giving thanks: ISS 2019 policy updates touch on compensation and board diversity

      On November 19, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) released details of its Americas proxy voting policy updates for 2019. The updates address topics previously raised in policy surveys such as additional financial measures in the quantitative pay-for-performance screen and board diversity.

      Jim Kroll, Torie Nilsen and Alex Pattillo

    • What steps should compensation committees take as HR becomes part of their expanding responsibilities?

      For a number of years, compensation committees (CC) have received greater scrutiny and an expanded remit to address say on pay, shareholder engagement, pay for performance, CEO pay ratio and related disclosures. More recently, that remit has continued to expand, as CCs are increasingly responsible for broader human resource issues that are seen as critical areas of risk and/or areas for potential differentiation and value creation.

      Ryan Resch and Don Delves

    • Coming to the boardroom: gender diversity

      Bottom-up pressures from the work force, and top-down scrutiny by investors, are compelling companies to reassess the gender diversity of their boardrooms.

      Rebecca Burton, Steve Kline, and Erik Nelson

    • Executive Compensation Bulletin: Long-term incentives a major driver of S&P 1500 CEO compensation

      Long-term incentives (LTI) continue to drive total CEO compensation, and performance-based pay is powering that momentum, a detailed Willis Towers Watson report, “CEO Pay at S&P 1500 Companies, 2015-2017” finds.

      Michael Bowie, Robert Newbury and Jang Han


    • Board members discuss inclusion and diversity (I&D) and the evolving role of the compensation committee

      On October 23, Willis Towers Watson and PJT Camberview co-hosted a panel discussion featuring two independent directors, Anne Mulcahy and Lynn Tetrault. Top among the discussion points was inclusion and diversity (I&D) initiatives in the board room and across the organization.

      Hemant Patel, Claudia Poster and Michael Siu

    • Will the SEC act in the ongoing proxy advisor debate?

      Willis Towers Watson usually remains neutral on the direction of regulatory initiatives, particularly on matters involving proxy advisors. But the withdrawal of two Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) "no-action letters" and a November 15 SEC staff roundtable on the proxy process, merit consideration of where we might be a year from now.

      Steve Seelig and Puneet Arora

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Executive Pay Matters
A Willis Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
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