When Solvency II was first launched, one of the principal reasons given by companies for choosing the Standard Formula over a Partial Internal Model (PIM) was the complexity and time required to implement the PIM solution. And while it is clear that in 2012 speed was low and cost was high, we believe that in 2016, with the right approach and systems, the reverse is now true: speed is high and cost is low.

Across Europe, a second wave of approvals is starting as standard formula companies adopt PIMs. If you are a standard formula company considering a PIM, in this webinar we will demonstrate how by working with our solutions, you can implement a PIM in just four weeks.

In this 40 minute webinar, we explore how Willis Towers Watson's proprietary RiskAgility Economic Capital Aggregator (RiskAgility EC) and RiskAgility Standard Formula (RiskAgility SF) solutions can solve the challenges that organisations face during the implementation of Internal Model components. This includes the aggregation of the Standard Formula and Internal Model components using EIOPA techniques, that allow for diversification as opposed to simple addition between the Standard Formula and Internal Model components.

To access the webinar, register your interest and find out how our leading-edge solutions can be deployed cost-effectively in weeks rather than months.