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Leadership in Hospitals

Leadership in Hospitals

The transformation of the hospital industry is demanding new competencies for leaders and managers. They need to be masters of change — able to transform an institution as well as deal with new and emerging industry players and new collaborative approaches to growing revenue.

Key questions facing hospital executives, physician leaders and HR:

  • How will our leadership profile, competencies and management structure need to change in response to new business realities?
  • How do we enable and develop frontline managers to support employee engagement and patient satisfaction?
  • Do our employees feel they have strong support from managers — in the form of readily available resources, training in new skills and processes, performance feedback, and the ability to balance work and personal life?
  • Are our leaders effectively communicating with employees?
  • Are our organizational goals and values appropriately emphasized by senior leaders?
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Physician Compensation and Alignment 
Fair Market Value, and Compensation and Alignment

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