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OneExchange for Retirees

OneExchange for Retirees

Help your retirees find the individual health plan right for them

Chances are, you’re among the many U.S. employers that want to help their Medicare-eligible and early retirees get the health care they need. But with costs continuing to rise, it’s getting tougher to avoid cuts to retiree benefits. You’re looking for a solution — one that goes far beyond one-size-fits-all group benefit packages.

With the right partner, you can seize the opportunity to offer your retirees a range of choices to meet their individual needs while keeping retiree benefit costs in check.

It’s time to consider our private health insurance marketplace, OneExchange®.

With OneExchange, you’ll help your retirees access Medicare plans, as well as other individual and family plans, via the health insurance marketplace. OneExchange is a concierge service that gives each retiree a personalized experience. It has already served more than 1.5 million retirees and over 500 employers, including 95 public sector and union organizations. OneExchange is the solution you’re looking for.

Their choice

Here’s what retirees get with OneExchange:

  • Easy access to a wide range of vetted health insurance plans offered by national and regional carriers in the individual marketplace
  • Licensed benefit advisors who give each retiree undivided attention, walk them through the enrollment process and help them select their best-fit plan — our advisors are trained to understand seniors’ needs and limitations, and they’re rewarded based on the quality of their customer service
  • Guidance to help eligible retirees take advantage of federal subsidies on state and federal exchanges
  • Online help — including the industry’s most powerful decision support tools — for those who prefer to enroll on their own using technology

Your goals

We have you covered, too.

OneExchange enables employers to:

  • Give their Medicare-eligible and early retirees a wide range of options from which to choose
  • Offer retirees a “soft landing” when they retire, with personalized assistance and decision support to select new, individual health insurance coverage
  • Effectively manage the cost of retiree health care benefits and cap long-term OPEB liabilities

From implementation through enrollment and beyond, we support your HR team with:

  • Financial opportunity analysis. We run the numbers, comparing the current and projected costs and advantages of your existing group plan with those of transitioning to an individual plan model via OneExchange.
  • Education and communication. Working with you, we design a campaign to educate your retirees about how OneExchange will help them. Webinars and onsite seminars clarify the reasons for the change, address retirees’ concerns and explain the enrollment process.
  • Real-time reporting. As your retirees enroll in new plans via an online tool, you can always see how many have enrolled and which plans they’ve selected, and know the average call time.
  • Lifetime advocacy. Our commitment doesn’t end after the transition. Our customer service team helps your HR staff troubleshoot issues, acting as tireless advocates on behalf of your retirees for the lifetime of your relationship with OneExchange.

Our experience

Only OneExchange is built on more than 100 years of benefit innovation; 30 years of benefits administration outsourcing; and 10 years of experience in health insurance exchange design, technology and operations. We were pioneers in the industry, building the first and largest Medicare insurance exchange through our focus on and dedication to our clients both large and small.

Our extensive experience partnering with organizations of all sizes has given us a deep understanding of the most pressing challenges employers face when moving retiree populations to individual coverage. And we pass along to you the very best — the most experienced consultants; and the best practices, methodologies and lessons we’ve learned helping organizations and their retirees make this important transition.

Is it time to make the change to OneExchange?

Contact us

Learn more about OneExchange for retirees today. Contact your Willis Towers Watson account director or email us at OneExchange@willistowerswatson.com.

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