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Total Rewards Optimization

Total Rewards Optimization

Limited reward budgets challenge organizations to allocate monies in ways that appropriately recognize employees’ varying levels of contribution and performance. Yet failing to do so can mean a less-than-optimal return on what is typically a very sizable investment in the workforce.

Willis Towers Watson’s Total Rewards Optimization tool helps your organization find its total rewards sweet spot — the intersection that aligns what and how much you spend with what your employees value most and least across the rewards you offer — while uncovering how reward changes affect their behavior and performance on the job.

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Willis Towers Watson's Total Rewards Optimization tool: Finding your total rewards sweet spot

Total Rewards Optimization uses a rigorous, quantitative analytic process to help answer three critical questions:

  • What’s the right level of total investment in your workforce, given financial, talent and performance needs and goals?
  • How should you allocate that total across your programs to promote critical behaviors like retention and engagement?
  • To what extent should your investment and allocation strategy change for different workforce segments, for instance, across age groups, job levels and functions, skill sets, locations and performance categories?
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