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"I enrolled for my benefits through my iPhone while waiting for an oil change. It was so easy." — participant

Our self-service website, BenefitConnect, is powerful and easy to use. Its accessibility and user-friendly tools maximize employee engagement and enable participants to make educated decisions from their computer or mobile phone, and is one of the reasons the world's top technology companies partner with us for benefits administration.

We support your participants with:

  • Powerful online decision support tools and content to help participants make benefit decisions and calculate pension estimates 
  • Streamlined online benefit enrollment 
  • The option to complete the retirement process online
  • Quick and easy online beneficiary and dependent management
  • Expert customer service support by phone, e-mail and online chat

And for your benefit administrators, we provide the right tools and access to information to help you support your business and your participants. Our technology automates both simple and complex processes using proven methods and quality controls. And we do the things that make a difference in quality so you get accurate results. All the while, you can see everything — data, case files, transactions, call notes and more. Regardless of whether you're outsourced or cosourced, no other provider gives you this level of access.

Super easy to use and I like being able to compare multiple variations side-by-side. — participant

The BenefitConnect system is really amazing. We are blown away by how much we can access so easily.  — client

Our Towers Watson administration team is incredible. They take a thorough approach and continuously meet our expectations. They know our organization, they know our plans and the quality of their work is excellent.  — client

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