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With over 1,500 individual licenses globally, across approximately 130 insurance groups, Igloo is the market leading capital modelling software for property & casualty insurers – Igloo is the common language of capital modelling.

Igloo 5 has arrived

Igloo just got even better with the release of Igloo 5.

Igloo embraces new technology to achieve a step change in model performance whether on the desktop, in the cloud or in client data centres. When combined with the benefits of backward compatibility, our clients can take advantage of a new world of performance while protecting the investments that have been made in developing and maintaining their models.

Our early adopter implementations have seen speed improvements of up to a factor of 11. Most notably, when fairly compared on new-build models, Igloo has matched or out-performed all of its competitors in the market.

Key features include:

  • Groundbreaking runtime improvements
  • Local or cloud implementation for flexibility and cost management
  • 64-bit processing to support models of any size and any number of simulations
  • Backward compatibility to recognise and respect the investment our users put into their models.

Igloo is the product of the ongoing investment and effort of a stable development group within an established and ambitious business. We recognise the importance of technology in the emerging insurance landscape.

Igloo 5 is only the beginning

Igloo 5 represents a huge step forward for what is possible in capital modelling but is only just the start.

This release is the first step towards the realisation of the Igloo Next Generation project, which, once complete, will take the product to a whole new level.

Our roadmap for the next year sees the introduction of the Igloo Next Generation user interface for a customised and simplified user experience, further cloud integration, and of course, additional speed improvements; Igloo is going to get really fast.

About Igloo

Igloo is a capital modelling platform that provides transparency and scalability to enable a more risk-conscious business culture by providing the technical analysis to support strategic planning and management.

Whether you are a global company looking to create and use financial models worldwide or a smaller operation that wants the benefits of models without impractical time and staffing commitments, Igloo offers the flexibility and control to meet your business needs.

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