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It’s choice made simple.

We’ve made it simple for employers like you: With OneExchange®, your employees will have more — and more varied — choices when they enroll in health benefits via an online benefit marketplace, and you’ll have a simpler way to design and deliver optimal benefits while better managing cost.

Interested in how expanded choices can make a real difference to employees and keep your organization modern?

With employees’ expectations about benefits rising, employers are looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition, and attract and retain talent while keeping benefit costs under control. Their workers want not only more choices but also greater decision-making power and more control over their health benefit portfolio. And HR teams want freedom from time-consuming administrative tasks so they can focus more on supporting the business strategy.

That’s why we created OneExchange. It offers those things and more for full-time, active employees and their dependents, as well as Medicare-eligible and pre-Medicare retirees.

Employers that have transitioned to our private health insurance marketplace now have:

  • A flexible health benefit program designed to meet unique employer needs that will evolve as the business changes
  • A consumer-grade enrollment experience for employees through our online benefit marketplace
  • A highly efficient benefits administration process for HR
  • A range of health care benefit plans to meet the needs of a diverse workforce
  • A team of highly trained professionals to guide employees through the enrollment process and serve them throughout the year
  • A valued partner they can trust all along the journey — before, during and after OneExchange implementation
  • A way to maximize the health benefit spend while meeting commitments to employees and retirees

With OneExchange, employers are taking care of their people in a way that supports employees’ total health and well-being, and builds employee trust. It boosts engagement levels and fosters strong business results.

Is it time for you to experience choice made simple and discover the value of OneExchange?


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