Global Data Services

Global Data Services

Global Data Services

Fierce competition for talent and limited salary budgets are making it more challenging than ever for you to create a compensation plan that will attract and retain skilled employees. To meet these challenges, you need access to the right compensation data to ensure your organization is competitively positioned to attract the talent you need and retain the valuable employees you have.

We can help you build a competitive compensation plan that aligns with your organization's goals and objectives. With our products, you have the ability to level roles for benchmarking across industry sectors, as well as analyze total annual compensation, long-term incentives, total direct compensation and total rewards, whether you're looking at manufacturing in North America, energy in the Middle East, pharmaceuticals in Brazil or technology in China.

And with survey databases that cover more than 125 countries, we have the data to assist you with all of your compensation planning, benefit design, employment terms and conditions, and HR policies and practices needs, wherever you do business.

Our offerings include:

  • Salary surveys that provide robust and detailed compensation data for all industries and geographies, covering executives and employees at all levels — including data on more than 33 million employees worldwide
  • Globally consistent, flexible and easy-to-use job matching
  • Broad coverage of employment terms and conditions, and prevailing benefit design practices
  • Regional survey experts and local consulting offices that ensure decision-quality data that reflect local governing laws and cultural practices, and support your data interpretation and subsequent action plans
  • Web-based data access, reporting and analytics software.

For information on our software, products and services, or how to participate in our salary surveys, please visit, or contact your Willis Towers Watson consultant.

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